I'm an experienced CPA who has worked nearly ten years in the healthcare industry. I love small business and independent medical practices. With the increased complexity in healthcare, I know how to help your business succeed.


I began my accounting career in 2008 working for Cooper Norman in Boise. During my years at Cooper Norman, I was exposed to a large range of business and accounting issues. I was also lucky enough to work on many healthcare projects working on financial statement preparation, tax return preparation, and other consulting engagements.

In 2010, I joined Cole Diagnostics, an independent pathology laboratory. I've learned even more about healthcare and management of teams during my time at Cole Diagnostics. The company has grown significantly, and I've faced many of the typical challenges we all face in healthcare.

I continue to work full time at Cole Diagnostics, and only work for a limited number of healthcare practices outside of my role as Director of Operations.

Meet Some of My Clients

Cole Diagnostics

Keller Skin Care

The Pediatric Place